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Paxton Ouellette

Rising senior at Union College with a focus on United States history and politics.

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Upstate New Yorker, avid reader, and lover of cats. Currently studying for the LSAT and preparing for the graduate school application process. Also enjoys merging her interests in history and politics to develop a greater understanding of our current government and political system within the United States.

This summer, I will be conducting research through Schaffer Library to explore the idea of power by creating a digital scholarly edition of the diaries of Jonathan Pearson (1813-87), a Union student, professor, librarian, treasurer, and trustee. This experience will enable the exploration of the digital humanities, including digitization, digital publishing, scholarly editing, archival research, and computational text analysis and will be of much aid as I embark on my senior theses in political science and history this upcoming year.

In her theses, I plan on focusing on the creation of the two party system and the impact it played on the Civil War and the changing attitudes within the United States towards Asian Americans following the end of the Second World War and the rise of Communism in Asia.

Myers-Briggs: ENFJ

Clifton Strengths: Achiever, Positivity, Input, Learner, Discipline